VISIBLE’s mandate is to bring into focus the power of people’s expression in performative and diversified gatherings. Documentary processes are at the basis of their work in which individuals and groups are invited to express and represent themselves. VISIBLE’s aim is to encourage social transformation and solidarity. Face-to-face encounters are the underlying foundation of their work as VISIBLE sees within them a true potential for social transformation and performance.


Sofia and Veronica did not know each other very well when they found themselves sharing a basket of Russian doughnuts at the late Boris Café in Montreal, on April 4, 2017. Probably thanks to the hot chewy sweet sugar rush they were experiencing, they decided to join forces on that day to create a BIG project of documentary performances with residents of the Côte-des-Neiges borough for the City of Montreal’s 375th anniversary, which was at the time criticized for its lack of diversity. In response to this, the two women artist went on to collect the stories of dozens and dozens of people, coming from all social, cultural and economic backgrounds. Nine months later, in December 2017, they presented Rivières, a series of documentary performances that drew hundreds of Montrealers to meet and listen to 8 individuals living and working in the borough.

Sofia Blondin, co-founder

Sofia Blondin graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada’s Acting Program in 2016. She has since collaborated as an actress with many theatrical productions in Montreal. Sofia’s theatre practice is very much rooted in creating links with her community which explains her work with amateurs actors and citizens and moreover, her love for teaching. She has directed and taught in Université de Montréal, Jean-de-Brébeuf College, École secondaire La Voie, and more recently the National Theatre School of Canada. As a theatre artist, she aims to strengthen community links through the performing arts.

Veronica Mockler, co-founder

Veronica Mockler was born in Quebec City (QC, Canada) in 1991. She graduated with Distinction from Concordia University (BFA Studio Arts, 2015) in Montréal after completing her final year of studies in the Republic of Ireland. Veronica has since returned to Montréal where she works as an artist and emerging scholar (Research-Creation, MA-INDI, Concordia University). Her work with individuals, groups, communities and coalitions deals with public representation, knowledge creation and social justice. Her collaborative and socially engaged art, which takes the form of relational performances, public addresses, video art and new media interventions, has been featured in gallery exhibitions, moving-image and art festivals as well as in conferences and symposia in South America, the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. The artist’s dialogic art practice draws from theories and practices in oral history, documentary essaying, public pedagogy, community development, activism, art education, and more.

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