We asked Line, an engaged resident and participant in THE ADDRESS, to write a few words to mark the one-year anniversary of the performance. In the context of this current crisis, her words resonate very strongly…

THE ADDRESS was a year ago… It’s been a year already since the performance enabled us to listen to 8 residents linked to Côte-des-Neiges. 8 lived experiences of the housing situation in this neighbourhood.

“The ADDRESS was the raw truth. We told you. Spaces that are too small for families. Where to confine ourselves when we have symptoms? Decaying balconies, the smell of overflowing garbage and the scorching heat, summer. And you tell us we have to stay at home? Every day is still a usual crisis in unhealthy, inadequate and unaffordable housing. COVID geography heavily underscores unjust housing conditions. This is a fight we also have to win… “

To learn more about your rights and to find a housing committee, Line invites you to check out:

She also invites you to visit Educaloi’s website and their section on housing:

Like Line, if you’re a resident of Côtes-des-Neiges, you can schedule a meeting with Projet Genèse (4735, chemin de la Côte-Ste-Catherine – (514) 738-2036) and L’Oeil (3600, avenue Barclay, bureau 344 – (514) 738-0101).

For mobilization at the provincial level, she invites you to consult FRAPRU’s scope of action:

Finally, Line invites you to consult the Sociodemographics Atlas of the City of Montréal (Census 2016 – Statistics Canada), which contains information that is specific to your borough: and on housing: