VISIBLE is an art collective that highlights the power of citizen expression through performative and diversified gatherings. Documentary processes are at the basis of their work in which individuals are invited to express and represent themselves. Their work encourages social transformation and solidarity. VISIBLE is the fruit of a collaboration between theatre artist Sofia Blondin and social conceptual artist Veronica Mockler.

VISIBLE est un collectif d’art qui a pour mandat de souligner le pouvoir de l’expression citoyenne dans le contexte d’un rassemblement performatif et diversifié. Un processus d’entrevues documentaires est à la base de tous leurs projets, qui invitent des individus à s’exprimer et se représenter. Leurs oeuvres initient la transformation sociale et stimulent les solidarités. VISIBLE est constitué de l’artiste de théâtre Sofia Blondin et de l’artiste sociale-conceptuelle Veronica Mockler.


The Address is a​ free immersive ethno-documentary performance on housing in Côte-des-Neiges. This performance is co-produced with Amplifier and will be presented in May 2019.



The Patrons Invested in the Arts and the Conseil des arts de Montréal announced that VISIBLE won first place of their 2018 grants.



Rivières is a series of documentary performances featuring the lives and experiences of eight Montrealers.